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Avalon Cabernet Sauvignon – "Your Go-To CAB"

We uncovered the hidden corners of California to identify the finest vines for each bottle of our CAB.  We’ve done all the hard work so you can relax and confidently serve a quality, affordable wine to your family and friends. Make Avalon your Go To CAB for any occasion!

BEX – "Reimagine Riesling"

A powerful departure from the norm, BEX Winery specializes in Riesling of unparalleled quality and flavor. Using grapes sourced from Germany's premier Nahe region, BEX Winery is committed to propelling the art of Riesling winemaking to new heights one glass at a time.

Living in Zin

Four Vines – "The Right Mix"

We’re all in and all Zin (except for a splash of Chardonnay created specifically to ensure everyone’s invited to the party). With our Truant, Biker, Maverick and Sophisticate Zinfandels, and our silky clean and luscious Naked Chardonnay, we’ve captured the spirit of American wine drinking and bottled it up so you can uncork and explore the phenomenal flavors our greatest wine regions have to offer.

CRYPTIC - California Red Wine

Dark... Mysterious... Deep Black Cherry... Intense Red Raspberry... Velvety... Alluring....

With Wine and Desire Anything is Possible.

Alto Cinco

Alto Cinco – ¡Viva Las Viñas!

ALTO CINCO translates from Spanish as "high five," with "high" referring to the height (Alto) of our vineyards and "five" to our growing area surrounding the quaint village of Paniza. Located within one of the region's four appellations, or DO's with some of the world's best old vine Garnacha vineyards, some believe Paniza is worthy of its own DO (#5).

Calista- "The Coast Range Pinot Noir"

 The maritime climate and the unique soil structure across the range create optimum vineyard conditions for growing Pinot Noir. Each region lends its distinctive terroir to our signature blend.


Four Vines Four Vines
Four Vines
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